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I AM...

Everything after these two words, “I Am” speaks on our former participation in the world. I Am – “this”, “that”, “man”, “woman”, “30 years old”, “70 years old”, etc.

If you want one thing to meditate on, one thing to try and grasp, make it simply “I Am.”

I Am… with nothing else attached to it is beyond what our minds can grasp, beyond our imagination. I Am is infinite and boundless and timeless.

I Am… is so much more than any word which describes what I have done and previously experienced. Anything post “I Am” is limiting to what I truly Am.

I Am is the opening and receiving of all things simultaneously.

Next time someone ask you what you are or what you do and why you do it, maybe simply say, “I Am”

“Okay (they say all confused)… and what’s next?”
“I Am…To Be.”

I Am is what you are always.
To Be is what you are becoming.
I am is what you’re Be-ing.
To Be is what you are.

I am what I am.
Therefore my words and thoughts should be my own.
I Am to Be-ing what I Am.

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