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  2. I Am A LIFEIST:
  3. I believe life is not about survival, but flourishing.
    I believe in the laws of life.
    I believe in 2 states – Peace / Pain
    I believe in the truth that life is inherently good.
    I believing in serving this good, working for life good, working day and night to support this love, existing as love, becoming love, being love.Love is vast
    Extending throughout the cosmos
    Regarding all beings equally
    Universally responding to all hearts
    Love opens the door of wonder
    Forcing us to enter
    A place of inconceivable truth.I simply wish for what we all want, to do simple things completely, to be happy, healthy, secure, and fulfilled.
  4. No one can better represent the idea of us, no one else can be the true, authentic, us… Even the imaginary ones in our head fall short in compassion when we finally step into who we truly are.

    When you are fully present in your life, life has a way of finding you. Using you for it’s good. And when you’re not a bucket of piss becomes the Truth and wakes you up!

  5. So be yourself, your true self, everybody else is taken. If you don’t, who will? … If you are not fully present in your life, there will be an absence in the world where you should be… And then let all that go too 😉

    Thank you.
    Gratitude to you who know my true nature.

  6. Reveal the World

    Unearth what is

    We can be set FREE


    All things possible


  7. With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

    Peace and Blessings 

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