How We Live


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How We Live

How we live.

Making a living at being wise.

We’re not spiritual superstars but we’re also not freshman practitioners. We’re not enlightened-

This isn’t about prescribing.
It’s about finding joy in considering our options.

On what is most important.

That’s really all there is too it. All that matters is – How do we live? Why do it? How? Roots din what? For what? For who?

We are determined and filled with joy to change the conditions of unhappiness.

Making happiness teachings available to one and all.

A home for beings living on delight…

We need to be extremely careful in this life.
We can suffer less
Love more.
Worry less
Love more.
Fear less
Love more.

Now we have this human body, and with it, each of us can do something meaningful.

I don’t know about you, but I am not going to leave this life empty handed.

If we do come back again and again, I don’t know about you, but I wanna be ahead of the suffering curve, already on the other side.

To attain human life is extremely fortunate, and since we have this good fortune, we need to use it.

B/c this moment is fleeting, even now… This encourages me to no longer have fear, to no longer just survive, but to live.
A lot of folks are walking around but they’re not living.

I really have to love this moment.
I must – for all mankind! It’s my responsibility.
To love life, every moment, because I know it’s possible, (in moments) I’ve tasted the bliss, drank heaven on earth, danced with grace, bathed in serenity; and I know that all this isn’t guaranteed- especially as we get distracted and caught up in worldly affairs, so I owe it to life to be love, to practice generosity, listening, patience, and compassion.

This world, the shiny things filling it up, have us tricked.
No mater how beautiful it all is right now, it, like we, will die and become dust, a corpse, remains.
Love, this thing you can not hold, an essence, something you allow to be expressed as you is the better investment.

We must all get rid of our old habits and create new ones that serve us in becoming the person we want to be.
We need to be diligent about this. Sometimes the new habits will stick, sometimes they won’t; but old habits are harmful and we must fight to not chase the past.
When you come to the other side of suffering, leave the boat behind.

I am asking that you take my hands, that we join hands and demand the changes we need to make before we reach the end of the world.

Our illusion of separateness goes away once shit hits the fan.
I’m thinking – Shit doesn’t have to hit the fan.

Underlying all things is the disturbing dualistic thinking of ‘you’ as a winner and ‘me’ as a loser.

We find ourselves today unable to respond to epic change because our old ways of thinking just won’t budge.
It’s all our imprisonment by the future. By the past.
There is earth beneath concrete you know?
There is enough supply for the demand. I promise.

Almost a quarter of all children in the US are growing up in poverty.
Barrack Obama said, “I choose faith in America’s future.” Why not choose faith in America’s now!?

The future is less about getting ahead, than it is about me getting ahead of you. When the aim is only to improve ourselves, we will naturally look down on folks as the person we used to be.

I say, we no longer need a ladder or boot straps. We need dialogue, community and conversation.
A commitment to the living whole.

Know this – In any moment of “Woe is me” Someone, somewhere is jealous of you.
Would love to be in your shoes.
So the more terrible we feel about ourselves, the less we are able to appreciate the abundant wealth and bounty within our own lives, which in turn makes us want anything even more desperately.

Let us appreciate the mere fact of being.
That a billion things, small and big had to go right for the miracle of you.
That you have inhaled life and exhaled poison, and you didn’t even have to ask for it.
Your pancreas has decided to work to keep you alive.
You see, you feel, you hear; it’s bigger than us.
Appreciative joy is a natural expression of our best humanity.
Suffering and it’s causes are not meant to be escaped, but explored and understood. The only pitfall is not seeing, not learning, not waking up; the only crime is perpetuating our own suffering.

We were designed to cheer on the happiness, health, wealth, and success of others, knowing that we are not separate, and their successes are our successes.
What a special gift to be able to wish others true happiness.
We have no limits. WE are everything.

What powerful forces fear most is not what we do as individuals, becoming vegan, changing lightbulbs, recycling. What they fear most is not the individual, but rather the community, they fear what we do when we mobilize and act together as a group.
Masterminding – two or more minds sharing the same intention.

They care when we come together.
Let us have the courage to come together.
We are powerless when we are separate.
We must find the courage to come together in order to break the shackles of fear and worry.

There are people in this world who don’t have the option to just decide to give up, everyday they are fighting for their lives.
The fact that we can choose happiness over suffering places in a status of extraordinary privilege.

We all seek liberation. We all want it. We all seek that place before pain and worry. But we dance around the pain, forcing ourselves to look at it, act like it doesn’t exist; we must pick it up and actually experience it in order to simultaneously let it go.

When one suffers, we all suffer. Suffering is our common ground. None of us are superior for the simple fact that none of us will ever manage to escape sickness, old age, and death. From our first day at school, grades, trophies, scholarships, awards, winning and losing, we have been born and bred into separateness, we have never been separate.

Social media sets the stage for separation and envy; walls, and feeds, and updates can send us into a tailspin of unfavorable comparisons. New jobs, promotions, fancy parties, exotic travel, all reminders of what we don’t have.
A view predicated on lack, that there is not enough of the good things in life to go around.
The burden of trying to be someone we are not. Thinking we too should have a new job, “where’s my vacation”?

We must all commit wholeheartedly to the life we have… Moment after moment, instead of fantasizing about someone else’s life, a different life, and envying the people who are supposedly doing it.

Join me. Take my hand.

I believe life is not about survival, but flourishing.
I believe in the laws of life.
I believe in 2 states – Peace / Pain
I believe in the truth that life is inherently good.
I believing in serving this good, working for life good, working day and night to support this love, existing as love, becoming love, being love.

Love is vast
Extending throughout the cosmos
Regarding all beings equally
Universally responding to all hearts
Love opens the door of wonder
Forcing us to enter
A place of inconceivable truth.

I simply wish for what we all want, to do simple things completely, to be happy, healthy, secure, and fulfilled.

No one can better represent the idea of us, no one else can be the true, authentic, us… Even the imaginary ones in our head fall short in compassion when we finally step into who we truly are.

When you are fully present in your life, life has a way of finding you. Using you for it’s good. And when you’re not a bucket of piss becomes the Truth and wakes you up!

So be yourself, your true self, everybody else is taken. If you don’t, who will? … If you are not fully present in your life, there will be an absence in the world where you should be… And then let all that go too 😉

Thank you.
Gratitude to you who know my true nature.

  1. With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

    Peace and Blessings 

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