Mindfulness & Spirituality - How Updating the Design of Your Home Can Improve the Energy of the Space

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How Updating the Design of Your Home Can Improve the Energy of the Space


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How Updating the Design of Your Home Can Improve the Energy of the Space

How Updating the Design of Your Home Can Improve the Energy of the Space

Dane O’Leary

It’s true that having a sleek, sophisticated home and being on the cutting-edge of what’s trendy gives your space that “Wow!” factor that’s sure to garner praise and envy. On the other hand, there’s nothing like having a home that evokes a sense of comfort, coziness, and homeyness — bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, the living areas; they all beg to be used, beckoning your guests to make themselves at home.

But how can you ensure that your redesign will give that sense of coziness, that improved flow of energy and sense of hospitality, that you want your home sweet home to have? From windows to rugs, here’s how you can improve the energy of your space.

From the Ground Up

Like a new job at a new company, giving your home that homey feeling starts at the bottom. Especially in homes with lots of wood and tile floors, rugs can be a great way of evoking a sense of comfort. They keep bare feet off cold floors when you’re lounging at home, but they also protect your beautiful floors from guests who might have rocks stuck in the bottoms of their shoes. They can also be a great way of incorporating your room’s color palette and style on the floor; some rugs can be ornate, elaborate, and even a focal area of the room.

Window Dressings

Another way to improve your home’s energy is to dress up those windows. Bland, run-of-the-mill blinds don’t add much character or warmth to a home, but with some drapery donning your windows they’ll become more a focal point. The fact that a room’s natural light comes from the windows automatically pulls a lot of attention to those areas, which is why you shouldn’t leave them neglected. There are more styles of curtains than you could possibly count, all of which also come in just about any color, pattern, or fabric choice you want. Something floor-length and dramatic, but which can still be tied back to let the light in, will give a home that homey look.

Tip: Another curtain idea is to create a curtain wall, which has become popular lately. It’s a creative way to make a unique focal wall and also gives a room that cozy feel.

Plush Furniture

Arguably the most important component of a cozy home is the furniture. The most homey homes have predominantly upholstered, stuffed (even overstuffed) sofas, sectionals, loveseats, chaise lounges, armchairs, and whatever other furnishings you might need. If it looks like it’s beckoning you for a nap, then it’ll increase your home’s cozy quotient by a pretty huge margin.

Throws All Around

Although they are more a decorating element than a design element, don’t underestimate the power of throw pillows. They’re sold just about everywhere and are designed to be mixed and matched so that no two sofas don the same combination of throw pillows. They have a way of making even the most impersonal furniture look alluring. Throw blankets are also great coziness accessories. You can leave them casually over the back of almost any couch, love seat, or overstuffed chair.

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