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How To Live A Life Without Fear


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How To Live A Life Without Fear

How To Live A Life Without Fear.

Everything we are afraid of is a figment of our imagination.

Even in a moment of true life threatingness- we aren’t fearful, we are present, we are there, acting and reacting. Ask anyone who has been in a traumatic experience – they will tell you I was just there.

All fear, all doubt, all insecurities, and expectations (which are pure poison, poison that pulls us into anywhere but here) exist outside of now.

In this moment we expect nothing we are receiving everything possible- actually possible. We fear nothing, we are everything. We doubt only the future, in this moment we are everything, standing firm or sitting, breathing and digesting and working one magically.

Gods plan from the beginning of life was enlightening through love… 7 billion people existing in peace and harmony and Bliss. He did this by sending avatars, heroes, soldiers of love, practitioners of peace to us, beings who were already enlightened- Jesus’s, Buddha, Buddhas, llamas, Krishnas, Ram, Mandelas, Teresa’s, You’s and I’s to live in the present moment. To be fully wrapped up in the nowness of life. Surrendering to the moment without labeling it as bad or good.

Nothing has quite summed up mindfulness and it’s ability to irradiate fear quite like this. A woman who loses the left side of her brain, the side that manages past and future, so all she had left was the present, and the peace she describes, even in not knowing. Even in danger. Even dibilitaed, just a full and complete surrender to the present moment- what was, was, what is, is.

Split Brain from the Love & Radio podcast

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor: Brain Scientist, Stroke Survivor Talks About Her Experience While Having A Stroke


With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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