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How to Get Motivated for a Healthy Lifestyle


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How to Get Motivated for a Healthy Lifestyle

Truth be told, getting motivated to start living a healthy lifestyle is not really the problem, staying motivated is. Most people take the first step to eating healthy and exercising after a catalyst. The catalyst can be a disease caused by being fat and unfit, losing shape, search for new love and many others. Unfortunately, most people who have catalyst motivator are not able to keep on track for a long time and the fall off the wagon pretty fast. The best way to get motivated for a healthy lifestyle is by being easy on yourself; set small achievable goals and don’t pressure yourself. Other ways to get and stay motivated include;

Your Company

· Hangout with people who are all about healthy living.

· Avoid being with bad company of people who are negative, eat unhealthy food and hate exercising.

· Choose to be with people who influence, challenge and motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.

· Disclose to your friends what your goal is and how you plan to achieve it so they can help, remind and push you.

· Have a partner who will not only keep you on track but also challenged because you will compete.

Lower Your Expectations

· Rethink how thin you want to be. It’s not realistic to look like Barbie.

· Know your bone structure and metabolism so you know what to expect.

· Don’t stress because this is the opposite of healthy lifestyle.

· Drop the All or Nothing attitude because no one is perfect and not all days are the same. Get back on track after slipping, don’t quit.

Establish Your Weaknesses and Triggers

· Identify what triggers you to overeat or eat comfort food.

· Find an alternative way to deal with those triggers apart from food.

· Completely replace your unhealthy foods with healthy options like yoghurt, flavored water and nice fruits.

Keep a Schedule

· Literally keep a schedule of exercising and eating healthy; it’s hard to keep on track when you don’t have reference.

· Breakdown your goals and tick every one you achieve.

· Have specific times when you do things; put them on calendar, posted notes everywhere and even phone alarm and reminder.

· Make healthy lifestyle a habit. Eat healthy, be positive and exercise daily for 3months and you

won’t be able to stop it after that. Keep it Fun

· Choose and make healthy foods that are delicious and fun; healthy food don’t have to be dull and tasteless.

· Make exercising fun. For example you can go swimming, take up dancing lessons, karate, cycling and much more fun activities that beat jogging and hitting the gym.

· Put lemon and flavors in water to make it tasty.

· Sign up for triathlons and marathons because training for competitions is fun.

· Buy a paleo cookbook and try to cook all those recipes.


· Keep your eyes on the goal; a more healthy, slimmer and sexier you and do not focus on the negatives.

· Treat yourself weekly. Choose a day like Sunday to eat one craving you have so you can be able to focus the rest of the week and also as a pat in the back for a job well done.

· Celebrate every achievement and just be happy. This will ensure you only use your EHIC on annual checkups.

A guest post from the Fabulous Hannah Brooklyn

Peace and Blessings

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