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How To Build Emotional Protection


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How To Build Emotional Protection

We’re seeing an unprecedented epidemic of depression in our society. More people are being diagnosed with depression than ever, including millions of children. The latest statistics I’ve seen are that more than one in ten Americans is on prescribed antidepressant medication.

Depression is virtually unknown in agrarian societies, where people work with and live off the land. It can’t be that farming is a joyful, anxiety-free occupation – after all, you’re subject to the whims of the weather and the work can be grueling and monotonous. So what are we city dwellers doing wrong?

Everything. We are disconnected, disconnected from spirit, disconnected from nature, disconnected from ourselves. Our eating diets are un-natural, highly processed. We lack physical activity, adequate rest and sleep. These agrarian societies I think, very significantly, enjoy the protection of very strong tribal and community support. So for all those reasons, I think they’re protected.

We teach a program designed to protect and enhance emotional well-being through specific lifestyle changes. You’ll learn to:

– Take a holistic and realistic approach to unlocking “spontaneous happiness.”

– Integrate Eastern and Western approaches to positive psychology.

– Use specific breathing exercises and meditations designed to develop mindfulness

– Optimize your diet to support emotional well-being

– Build physical habits that support emotional well-being

Check it out here.

dreams dont work unless you do

  1. With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

    Peace and Blessings 

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