How To Be A Genius


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How To Be A Genius

A universal characteristic of genius, is humility.

The genius knows and attributes all insights to a higher influence.

The challenge of the genius, the problem we are always facing is how to transform that which is perceived in one’s private understanding into a visible expression that is comprehensible to others.

Genius lives in the question. The genius knows that one cannot pose a question without the answer already existing. Hence the phrase, “question and answer are merely two sides of the same coin”. The genius poses a question and is open to receive an answer.

A genius’s powers are, inspiration and vision.

A genius values life.

The genius knows that there’s no need to get when you already have. Survival is thus effortless, and giving and receiving are one and the same thing.

Geniuses understand the need for creating the space for ideas to crystallize. We all know the stories of people who have gotten the answers to complex problems while sitting in traffic on the freeway.

For a genius, talent alone is not enough. Perseverance, courage, concentration, an enormous drive and absolute integrity; dedication of an new usual degree is required to achieve mastery.

A formula followed by all geniuses: Do what you like to do best, and do it at the very best of your ability at all times.

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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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