Mindfulness & Spirituality - We Often Live Our Lives As If The World Owes Us… It Does Not.

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We Often Live Our Lives As If The World Owes Us… It Does Not.


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How Many Illusions Does A Person Create In Their Lifetime?

We often live our lives as if the world owes us… It does not.

We think we know our life, but what we know is only an edited version, colored by our emotions and narrow vision.

There’s advice for you. I can’t guarantee it’s the advice you want to hear.

Nobody can see farther than the end of their nose.

Stop trying to be something special—just be what you are.

That which doesn’t belong to you fills the entire universe.
Where personal thoughts come to an end is where life begins.

I am what I am
No matter how things end up.

What seams run between you and me?
Connect you and I?

At some point you’ve got to slap yourself in the face and seriously ask yourself: is your personal gain or loss really worth this overwhelming joy and suffering?

None of this mattered.
It’s not how you think it is.

How many illusions does a person create in their lifetime?

Being is simply taking a break from being human.

That’s the point – beyond thinking, things are simply as they are.


With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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