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Hope Means Rising Above Low Level Shit


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Hope Means Rising Above Low Level Shit

Hope and acceptance go hand in hand. Radical hope radical acceptance. To fight the thing is to fight change and what you wanted most was change.
Be careful when you call for divine intervention. It will wreak havoc when it comes.

I guess what I battle with most is how easily we just get over shit. Which is often good and often not. We don’t get over, we forget, and forget is not dealing with somethign, forget is not healing.
Right? Most of the time we just get over it.

It’s time really, time is the little blue pill that just makes shit go away. Time is flawless like that. Time is magnificent like that. Time takes time like that.
You’re in the shit and it’s really real shit.
Then you’re not.
Just like that.

When my brother was killed,
I eventually forgot his voice, I forgot a lot of things. This is normal- Things get normalized-
A girl I know said, “growing up, the first time I heard gunfire – drop to the ground… Now, I just move away from the windows.”

A safety pin doesn’t make the lack of action okay. It’s a beautiful gesture. But action must be embodied in all that we do and all that we are.
Thomas Jefferson owned slaves
Thomas Jefferson slept with slaves.

I think about the monks who LIGHT themselves on fire in protest and didn’t scream – I am not telling you to light yourself on fire. Definitely not. But that’s embodiment. And if you care about somethign, let it take you over. Let it be you. Trust that it’s right, that it’s happening now for a reason. That when waking up, the fire doesn’t have to be painful, messy, but not painful.

I ask you, please don’t let your pain get in the way of the message.
Only with a clear mind can one have clear action.

Hope means rising above low level shit. Rise above.


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