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It should be an honor to discover your heart


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let the stars go

It should be an honor to discover your heart.

Something that takes time and patience. Discovering your heart should require diligence that delights in the process of learning you.

Even though it’s poetic, you are not a novel to be read and finished—no! You are a journey to be taken, and though this might seem equally poetic, it requires a lot more integrity, devotion, and intention.

Guarding our hearts means that we don’t present ourselves as a mystery to be decoded or a challenge to be conquered. Instead, we share our lives and learn to love each other along the way regardless of what we find.

Guard your heart so that whoever wants to know it has to first invest in the trip before they get to see the breath-taking view.

And it is a breath-taking view.

Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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