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Help Shine Light On The Homeless & Displaced


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The “The Positivity Scrolls.” are coming to LA with your help!

Pairoj wanders the streets every week pushing a folding cart that holds his brushes, paint, and a long roll of canvas. “What is your name?” he gently asks when he encounters a homeless person. “Why are you homeless? Where is your family? What are your dreams?” And, finally, “Can I paint you?”

Some say no. Some shout and curse at him. Many say yes…

Please support and Donate and Share to this project

Pairoj would spend a week in LA painting the homeless of skid row and the honorary individuals for the Walk The Talk Parade, we would document this for archival purposes and to keep his work moving. Pairoj would paint two portraits of each individual, one for the person and one for the gallery show we will have on Memorial Day weekend in downtown Los Angeles. All the proceeds from the show will go towards the Skid Row community’s artists, and individuals trying to make a lasting impact.

Taking inspiration from Chinese scroll paintings, Pairoj paints his subjects on 10-foot-wide by 150-foot-long rolls of canvas, sliced into shorter more manageable lengths that are later stitched back together. He’s already filled four scrolls with side-by-side portraits of some 250 homeless men and women and plans to start work on a 300-foot scroll soon.

The funds we’re seeking will help get him to LA from Thailand, housing, and a stipend (spending money) for the week. Per Pairoj, he doesn’t want any money and any money he collects when painting on the street is for the homeless. Any additional funds will go into the pool of money raised from each painting sold at the gallery show and back into the community.

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