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LifeStyle Dezine is a movement. A freedom, to just BE. It’s a way to tap into that global shift of consciousness. It’s necessary and vital. It’s yours, it’s mine, it’s everyone’s, and it’s no ones. It’s a philosophy. It’s going back to 1, to the basics. It’s the little things. It’s our dreams and nightmares. It’s shutting off our minds and rediscovering our guts. It’s a contradiction. It’s an understanding. It’s the rules of nature and the universe. It’s an apology, forgiveness, and acceptance. It’s reaching for the stars and keeping your feet on the ground. It’s turning money into love. It’s believing in abundance. It’s I love you, not I love you too, no qualifiers. It’s total submersion. It’s falling, and failing, and standing firm. It’s Heaven to Earth. It’s suffering. It’s the full spectrum, light to dark, and the infinite number of shades in-between. It’s exposing, and it’s scary. But it’s oh so rewarding.

It’s inside all of us, we all have it. Sometimes one just needs to be shown the way, be shown that’s it okay, to be lead by example, and we will be that example.

LD Mission

Our mission is to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.

LD Goal

Lifestyle Dezine will induce 1 billion people to coordinate, with Mind and Body, in a spirit of HARMONY, for the definite purpose of: global freedom, happiness, Love and raised consciousness

LD Vision

We envision an enlightened society where suffering is transformed into wisdom and compassion and all beings live in harmony and are relieved of the afflictions of hunger, war and disease. Spirituality and service are tools we use to help all beings find freedom regardless of race, religion, ability, gender or nationality.

Charitable Giving

Lifestyle Dezine is committed to making a difference by improving the health and happiness of their friends, families and communities worldwide. In addition to providing a world-class Mindfulness, Health, and Happiness program, through our life-changing online course, we are consistently giving back and partnering with organizations whose missions are to make the world a healthier, happier place.


Peace and Blessings

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Christopher Rivas

About the author

I’m Christopher Rivas and I’m the founder of LifestyleDezine. I’m an artist, actor, championship storyteller, and I have a real cute kitty named Chance.

Lifestyledezine is a home for all things related to maximizing ones life. Join us.

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