Heaven and Hell


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There is a great Zen Master
A master of swords
A master of words

And his disciple comes to him and says, ” Master, please tell me, what is the difference between Heaven and Hell”

The master replies, “Are you out of your mind? You’re crazy, you disgust me, you are a fool, you are not worthy of my school, my training, my time, my thought, my breath, you are dirty, you smell, your hair is unkept, you are insulting not only yourself but everyone who sees you, get out of my sight”

The student is so angered and shocked by this he reaches for his sword to cut off the masters head – and the master says, “That is hell…”

The student is so shocked, broken, alive, open, and grateful for this lesson- the master says, “That is heaven.”

Where do you live?


Peace & Blessings

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