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Healthy Soil


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Healthy Soil

We already come from the healthiest soil.

Most people think happiness is about gaining something, but it’s not. It’s all about getting rid of the darkness you accumulate. – Carolyn Crane

The seeds we plant today in this already perfect soil is tomorrows guaranteed abundance.

We must know how perfect we already are. That we were born perfect. It’s giving thanks for the horses we rode in on, as opposed to blaming them for walking to slow, or there weird rhythm, they got you here.

I think we should find a little bit of time every day to brush our mind, to clean our mind. Remind ourselves of our beauty and strength.

We wouldn’t think of leaving the house without cleaning the body.  Really, we shouldn’t think about leaving the house without cleaning the mind.  Finding the mind is vital. The state of your mind determines everything.

We need reminders and encouragement to do it, so we get sucked back into the ego’s sensual seductions, so we don’t fall into old habits. Our minds are often very uncomfortable because they are full of unhappiness, depression, frustration, anxiety; but really thats all a cover to a beautiful conscience evolution, to our genius, holy selves.  So when you sit still, you’re not going to necessarily go to a peaceful place or a joyful place or a loving place, thats okay. Just watch it.

When we begin to get that taste of meditation, we will see it will improve us as a being who is writing the masterpiece of our lives.  We will be a happier, more peaceful, more kind person.  That will help our relationships, that will help our children, that will help our parents, that will help our colleagues, it will help our world. We are all interconnected.  That’s also another thing that modern life, I think, shows us.  That’s one of the aspects of modern life, that we’re all interconnected.  And it’s one of the things that Buddha taught, we’re all interconnected and everything you say or do affects everything else.

So it’s important if we could, so to speak, inject into the bloodstream of all living beings, kindness, wisdom, peace, love, compassion.  It’s clear there’s not enough of that happening and it needs to happen here, in our own heart and then it happens organically and naturally.  So, we can always find the time if we really want to.

Peace and Blessings


Christopher Rivas

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