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Has The World Gotten Worse, Better, or Stayed the Same?


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In Your (75+) Years Has The World Gotten: Worse, Better, or Stayed the Same?

I asked many friends and family to ask their friends, families, and acquaintances over the age of 75 One Question:  In Your (75+) Years Has The World Gotten: Worse, Better, or Stayed the Same?


Here are some of the answers we got back:

Claudia Clyde … 91 years young


I can’t explain it. I wish I could. But it’s all around.

I was good.

This… (She points to the sky) as to say, “only the lord”

Grandma Pat Schneider (83)

During WWII there was a sense of unity and camaraderie in the nation. I was 16 and lied about my age with my 3 girlfriends, we were a trio and we did Andrews numbers for the troops, we got to, because we lied and said we were 18; and no one questioned us.

People, especially children are machine orientated now, seeming sleepy. So easy to text and far off to have a conversation.

The art of conversation is lost but maybe it’s not necessary.

I can’t say worse… It’s changed.

I’m sorry wars haven’t stopped

I’m sorry people can’t get along

But that hasn’t even changed much unfortunately

Natural progression…

You choose the good things or you don’t.

Choose to be happy or you don’t.

You’ve had a lot of choices and I’ve had a lot of choices…

But we’ve always been concerned because every generation is different and that’s hard to accept

But that is the difference and we know we don’t accept difference as well as we should.

I can’t say we had ways that were better but we had ways that were accepted.

When kids are born they almost always have a phone in their hands. In my time, we provided stimulation for kids- because with stimulation a baby can be smarter and learn more. Technology has ruined relationships, marriage, it causes crimes and bullying.  – That’s what grandma said.


If you ask 25, I bet 24 would say worse. Because there is so much that’s evolved and us old people don’t evolve well always. Just… Computers, tvs, streaming….I could do on and on. I have three clients over 80 and they are famous. Without lots of help, they have trouble driving (sometimes), reading on line (usually), seeing stuff on their phones and on and on…..none of them do email—they hire someone to do it.

Frightening for them that the world goes so fast as they slow down.

Swedish Woman (77)

In Sweden: Worse – much tougher, more violence, more racism, especially now with all the refugees coming from Africa.

People in general, seem to have a better life socially.

A Colombian grandmother of 2 living in the US (81)

It was getting better. She said that the only thing that made us think that it’s worse is technology. She said now we are exposed to news about everything, the good and the bad. And it appears that the bad is more than the good. She said that more people had a relationship with God.

A 76 year old playwright

Everything is the same, but worse.

I’m not 80 yet so I don’t qualify (76), but I feel like I’m the same person inside with a lot of wear and tear inside and out.  I’m sure that’s pretty common among my fellows.  And I agree with the Hopi that the Fourth World (this one) is in dire trouble from pollution and overpopulation, etc, etc.

This is the response I got from my grandparents who are in their 80s: economically life is better. Though the current economy is not the best they’ve experienced in America since moving here from Canada in the 70s, they feel in the course of their life time its been much easier to support themselves and their family in recent decades than it was when they were our age. The conveniences of modern life have made many things better for them as well.

What they do feel has gotten worse and what they are most disappointed by in modern American society is the breakdown of the family structure and lack of parental support. So many more single parent families exist today than in their time and they are saddened by the lack of comfort and familial support these single parents and children experience. They feel this is also heightened by the lack of neighborhood and community support in 2015. They grew up in a time when you knew everyone on your block intimately. I don’t even know half the people on my floor of my building and that seems normal to me. To them its an American tragedy.

Indecisive little Uruguayan Woman!

“In my life’s experiences it has gotten better. But of course, I’ll tell you for certain things. Well, I don’t know how to tell you, for many, yes, the world has changed for the better. I tell you no, in the end, no. No, no because I don’t know how to tell you. For some things better, yes, and for others, no, from when I was younger or now. But I don’t know what to tell you. It is complicated. I think yes, because it has advanced for many things. I think yes, in general, yes. Yes, yes, yes.”

With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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