Good Fats


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Good Fats

I can’t encourage enough the benefits of a high fat diet.

Of turning our bodies into Fat Burning Machines as opposed to sugar and carb barely burning machines.

I ask all my clients to attempt for at least three days (ideally five) having no sugar what so ever. No fruit, no juice, no alcohol, nothing but Raw greens, healthy fats, and clean proteins (wild fish and grass-fed meat, no poultry).

The immediate cut off makes the body go through withdrawal, it actually quite amazing; fevers, aches, chills, sweats, for moments at a time. The body is reconfiguring itself, panicking about where to get its energy from. Eventually it will take it from the fat in your body, like the way we were designed! Before sugar became ramped, bodies took energy from fat… Imagine!

For those clients who are successful, they never really look back! Its life changing. In combination with a good exercise plan, you have so much more energy, no longer lethargic, the 2pm slump doesn’t exist, you sleep better, you are slimming out and getting stronger, smiling more, loving life, living it the way we were designed to.

I challenge you: Give it a shot.

I guarantee will never look back!

P.S. When you do take this on, I highly recommend you double your water intake and start taking a magnesium powder morning and night

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Peace and Blessings

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