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Good Art Makes You Pregnant


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An Excerpt From The Giving Show: When I was in HS – actually my fourth day of HS the world trade centers went down. Now, regardless of conspiracies of how and why that happened – the city, nyc, my home, came together like I’ve never experienced it- anyone who was there, felt it. It was like another layer on top of an already delicious cake, this beautiful frosting that said we are not permanent and anything can happen and what we have is each other. But that cake was eaten and people went back to doing what they do, back to life as it was.

Same during the crazy black out when I was 16, I remember we had this huge block party, where everybody was outside cause it was dumb hot, and cars were parked on the sidewalk giving our stoops light and every car was bumping the same station, giving us that real surround sound and everybody brought food that was gonna go bad and we shared it all and we laughed and we danced and we wondered why we never did this before and it was nice… And then the morning came, and the power came back and everybody acted like nobody knew each other, like that never happened, it was weird – like we all just had great sex and then didn’t want to talk about it the morning.

I don’t know why we always have to wait for a sexist racist maniacal idiot to run for president to come together and know that what we have is not guaranteed, to show love and kindness, to know our mortality – I mean, seriously … why wait?

This is a long winded way of saying, I hope this concept of giving doesn’t end here, that it leaves this place- it has to leave our likes and shares and computer screens. Only so many more conversations can I tolerate about the worlds injustices over wine and coffee – “Slacktivism” -as our beautiful photographer once said to me. Stop showing me whats wrong with the world, what’s good with the world?

I don’t know that destruction ever ends. That the need for another’s  generosity ever stops. I know this money we raised tonight is a small piece in the puzzle that is life. I know that Matthew just battered Haiti with 145mph an hour winds and more than 10,000 people have been displaced. I know that atrocities are taking place everywhere, all the time, even right now.

Good art makes you pregnant, it makes you want to birth something you never know you had… I want to give you that, I hope today makes you pregnant – who cares that you’re a single parent, the world needs this child. So you go to every Lamaze class and prenatal yoga breathing class you can think of… and you give birth to this beautiful art love compassion baby idea machine that makes the world a better place. Don’t get it twisted, we need these babies and each of us has a tummy filled with them… just waiting to be birthed.

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