God Is Not Mocking Us


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God Is Not Mocking Us

How many times have we let go to be let down?

Given in, then kicked out.

It’s okay to real about how real and shitty life can be.

I’ll take that over the hyper spiritual – “O, GOD IS GOOD, SO GOOD, LIFE IS PERFECT, AS GOD PLANNED” …. “But, you’re being evicted.”

“That’s okay. GODS PLAN, to get me a bigger house.”


This is how it is. This is shitty, it’s suffering, it’s all of that and yet we keep going.

Because miracles do not have a look about them. Miracles aren’t often pretty. It’s the honesty that gives faith it’s power.

The ability to say this is how it is. It’s not great right now, I don’t know how I will pay my rent, I don’t know if my child will make it, but I will keep going, I will not try so hard to force my will, I will simply say yes and keep faith, trust my process, trust the process.

God is not mocking us when we ask and pray and beg and we get mud in our eyes. God is not making us. He is saying this mud, this mud is the miracle, be okay with that, now wash it off over there and tell me what you see.

Stay where you’re at. 

Dirty as you are.

Don’t leave. 

Who knows how, but it will come.

That miracle.

Miracles are often dirty and not how we expect them.


Even with mud in your eyes. Stay.

Peace and Blessings 

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