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God In The Present Tense


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God In The Present Tense

God In The Present Tense

It seems like yesterday, but it was several years ago that in the midst of dark and challenging moments, I had a wake-up call. I was struggling to find meaning and purpose. I wondered if each new day would bring more than I could handle. I came to grips with an inner struggle that was difficult to see clearly.
I had lost connection with my most important relationship. Life, spirit, faith, god, purpose, were distant! I was lonely, angry, out of balance, and my relationship with my truth was completely out of sync. Life in all it’s glory was present . . . but I desperately needed to move into it’s direction and away from all the distractions.
The following is a journal entry from that time. Actually, it was a mantra I had to begin each new day with:
Life is full of ups and downs . . . 
Dreams achieved and hopes dashed . . .  
Every sunrise brings expectations. 
So, today I’ll do something with what I’m given and not squander good desire for uncontrollable outcomes . . .
Since the weight of regret crushes a man’s spirit, I’ll choose instead to embrace what Life provides . . . The Here & Now … 
And be grateful for my present, anticipate my future, and reflect on the past . . . Remembering to yield my will to Life’s unknown and very present spirit and to follow my HEART above all else . . .
After all, Life, you are the most important relationship I can pursue today!

*Note to self: Remember that good intentions are not enough, so strike a course and begin—and begin again, if necessary.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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