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Get The Best Workout Routine for Men Instantly


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Get the Best Workout Routine for Men Instantly

guest post from Julian Hooks

Exercise is one of the most important aspects to healthy living. There are countless benefits to exercise. Regular blood pressure and heart rate, regular metabolism, sustainable levels of energy, great muscle mass, low cholesterol levels, and many more. In fact, exercise has always been one of the best ways to stay healthy. It also promotes and strengthens the immune system. When the body is at full exercise, it creates an environment when the body is at its best hence it functions well in all conditions. This is why we all need to do daily exercises.

For men, there are different ways to perform workout routines. Men have different anatomy and physiology than women. Men gain muscle mass easily while women don’t. Therefore, the best workout routines need to be performed in order to gain muscle mass and be fit. Here are some of the best workout routines to help you gain mass and be healthy.

  1. 1.     Dead lifts

Dead lifts work out the legs, butt, back, arms, forearms, shoulders, traps, and even the abs. It is one of the most essential workout routines inside the gym. With all the muscle groups being targeted, it is such a shame for one person to not do dead lifts when doing workouts in the gym. Dead lifts can also cause injury if you are not properly executing it. Do not arch your back or roll it in the other direction. Always keep your abs tight the entire time that you are doing dead lifts. When lifting, keep the bar as close to your body as possible. When you bring the weight up your knees, do not pull your back up instead, thrust in using your hips. This will help you prevent injuries when doing dead lifts.

  1. 2.     Shoulder Press

Another one of the best workout routines is the shoulder press. Shoulder press helps you strengthen your shoulders. Your shoulders are the key component to enabling you to lift heavier weights so training them is a must. When doing shoulder press, try to lighten up the weight first and slowly increase the weight. The shoulder is one of the toughest body parts to train. When performing shoulder press, make sure that your core is tight and you dig the dumbbells into the floor and push your hips backward in order to attain proper body position. This will help you solidify your base of support.

  1. 3.     Sledge Hammer Drills

One of the most difficult workouts is the sledge hammer drills. But, there is only one rule when performing sledge hammer drills. It is to always protect your back. To avoid injuries, always take proper stance and distribute the weight all over your feet and core muscles.

  1. 4.     Weighted Pull-ups

The target of weighted pull-ups is the muscles in your back. It helps you keep your stature healthy and keep your back from getting injured. It also helps you strengthen the muscles near the back so that you can pull more weights for your best workout routines. But, you also need to perform weighted pull-ups the right way in order to avoid another set of injury. One good way of performing with weighted pull-ups is to place weights on your ankles or knees when performing weighted pull-ups. Make sure that you hold the weight between your ankles or knees so that when you bend them you do not throw your balance off. You can also perform weighted pull-ups with a weight belt or a weight vest.

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