From Now On We Heal


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From Now On We Heal

From Now On We Heal

Healing (literally meaning to make whole) is the process of the restoration of health to an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism.

A Band-Aid

Is the tool you use to hide something.

A cut you keep away from the world.

We are that cut.

Seeing each other. Doing the thing we know we shouldn’t. Doing it anyway. Going down that rabbit hold. Hitting that wall over and over again.

We are that band aid….


With cancer removal, A chunk of you is taken out; they give you a cream so as to prevent the wound from healing too fast; they need to make sure it heals from the inside out.

We have to heal. We have to look ugly for a while, let the skin stay open, stare at the wound, staring at the poison that made a home in us, the poison we have ripped out and now we watch ourselves slowly slowly come together form the inside out.


No more band aids. No more covering up without first being healed. From now on we heal.

Peace and Blessings 

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