Mindfulness & Spirituality - Food Is A Tool; It Isn’t More Important Than That

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Food Is A Tool; It Isn’t More Important Than That


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Food Is A Tool

Food Is A Tool; It Isn’t More Important Than That

Life demands nothing else of me, but that I sit there and be with god.

Next time I want to eat because I’m bored, allow me the clarity and god consciousness to consider the millions of people who do not have that option. 

Next time I wanna fill my time with something that will consume me, allow me the clarity to consume life, right here, right ow in all its glory.

Allow me to exist in a state of full on life, filling up on life.

Fill up on life. Food is energy, nothing more. If you are stuffing yourself to a state of uncomfortableness, sickness, it takes you away from your connection to god, you are less energetically abundant and whole to serve god.

God wants his solders to be ready and available, light on their feet, ready to be love; not worrying about their “why did I eat so much?”

We shouldn’t workout in order to recover from the damage we have done. Workout to compensate for our inability to give our temple the clean food it desires; “ah, it’s okay, I’ll work it off extra hard tomorrow.”

We should exercise because we want to. We should exercise from a place of wholeness not repair. We should exercise for a closer connection to source.

We should operate with the intention that every action is to relieve the suffering of the world, that every action is for the benefit of all beings.

Next time I want to eat of boredom, next time I wanna eat till I am stuffed beyond comfort, please god, allow me the clarity to know there is enough, to just be okay with being, to lie back and sit with you.

Food is a tool to keep the lights on; it isn’t more important than that.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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