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Hidden Life

I have a public life

I have a private life

And then I have a “public private life.”

Few of us confess, “I poured immense time & energy into this post.”

Our lives become a kind of performance.

As we visit a beautiful place and consider the social capital of our Instagram post vs someone else from that very same place, because yes, we know they are doing a JR considering the same thing.

Can a moment belong to me in a more profound way?

If I share a picture of myself eating pie, have a I actually robbed myself of enjoying the pie in real time?

Can I walk through a park just absorbing the sights and sounds as opposed to simply pasting moments in my minds eye about a potential social media post.

How much of our happiness is fueled by societies validation of our choices?

The point is not what you do but why you do it? Why are you doing what you are doing?

Is it a choice? Or is too late to walk away and turn back? Did you just fall into it? Is it convenient? Can you quit? Should you?



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