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Filling myself with empty space


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Imagine your mouth being flood, filled every time you open it with empty space.

And too be this full is annoying, its heavy, it slows you down, like food that fills but doesn’t satiate, there’s no nutrients, no nothing, it isn’t filling, just heavy, just taking up space.

I’ve had this image running around my brain the last few days; with all this added cause I would have to make my words count.

There would be days when I simply couldn’t speak anymore, because I used up all the space I had.

I can’t waste my words anymore, I can’t keep making promises I don’t stand behind with all my heart, I cant keep telling myself lies, I cant keep trying to be liked, adjusting for others, trying to please others, living on others terms, it would be more exhausting than it already is. I would have to learn the power of a “no”, that ‘no’ wouldn’t need justification, it would empower me to have more space; and when I say “yes” I know where its coming from, a true desire to be there.

My words would count more. My actions would speak more. I would show the world who I was and how I felt. And when I spoke t would be like magic, and I wouldn’t think twice.

Is everything your saying worth it? What can be shown and not said?

Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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