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Fake It Till You Make It


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Has some validity

It’s being the person you want to become. It’s living in your highest self right now.

It’s not being blinded from this beautiful present because of a future you want.

It’s being the movie star in this moment. Being that amazing dancer right now. Being that philanthropist, the rock star- entrepreneur-sustainable-thinker- philosophizer-published author right now!

Tomorrow might not come.

How we create it? We live it. How we manifest it? We own it, in our breath, every second.
We fake it till we make it by surrounding ourselves with it- everywhere.
We read books about it, put up pictures and quotes, we write it down over and over again- on paper, on walls, on our hands; vision boards, post-it’s on our mirrors like tattoos on our foreheads, we say it OUT LOUD over & over again. It becomes our bedtime lullaby. We drink it, we eat it, we bathe in it.

You want wealth – hang out with wealthy people who are making moves, doing big things, Be wealthy in spirit & love, live the life you want to live.

The Universe rewards those who do the work, who make the choices to HUSTLE for what they want, for those who fake it for when THEY WILL MAKE IT.

“Well begun is half done.”

Now change the word fake to “BE”. Be It, You Will Make It. Every time.

Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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