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Every Word Is A Breath

Every Word Is A Breath by Lily Wilson,

Writing has changed my life. This does not mean writing an academic term paper and submitting it for a good grade. This means writing as a freelancer. With hundreds of new jobs posted each day there is unmatched potential and variety for every writer. This means that no matter when you begin writing, you will inevitably start to feel free after the first year or so. My first year was spent getting my bearings with the various platforms and familiarizing myself with different niches until I found one where I could thrive. After that, I was given the chance to tap into my creative side, free my thoughts, and enjoy the complete lack of self-consciousness that would otherwise prohibit my expressions.

As a freelance writer, I found that my job is to always improve myself and my mind. Your skill set might be great, but it can always get better. And it is through regular develop that you can not only improve your work but yourself as it happened with me.

So how is this done? Improving your skillset is typically done by way of regular reading, as well as regular writing exercises. Sometimes this includes brainstorming activities while other times it includes joining a writing organization or club and taking tips and tricks from other writers.

No matter what your particular niche might be in the freelance world, creative writing remains one of the most powerful learning tools for all writers. I found that creative writing efforts are those which tap into all of the creative resources my mind has to offer. And one of the most popular creative efforts is that of journaling.

Journaling is a wonderful tool used to free the mind. The mind is a powerful and inspirational tool all to itself. The conscious mind can retain an average of seven to nine thoughts at any given time, and these thoughts are often related to a task list or otherwise unfinished chores or errands. But the subconscious is where everything lies, where all of the other thoughts, the creativity, and the personality lie. Your subconscious is where your dreams and hopes are stored and through creative writing efforts, you can bring them to the forefront.

I use journaling as a great tool used to tap into previously unused creativity. It does not have to be a big commitment, or something that leeches time away from other activities. Journaling can come in many forms, and more often than not is an intimate experience, one where you do not share your thoughts with anyone save for your journal. When you take the time to express all of your most intimate thoughts, you force them to come to the forefront, to the conscious part of your mind. By dragging them from your subconscious you also learn retrieval methods that make it easier and faster with time to grab hold of your more hidden and creative thoughts and ideas and make them the center of your current writing endeavors.

Lily Wilson: I am a homestay freelance academic writer. I run my personal blog AnAwfulLotofWriting and work as a contributing academic writer at


With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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