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Every Time You Hear A Siren, Send Love


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Every Time You Hear A Siren, Send Love

Every Time You Hear A Siren, Send Love

You’d wish, I wish, we all wish, we were receiving that love in time of need. That simple little one second thought, that all beings associated with that siren are released from suffering as quickly as possible makes a difference. I promise.

Instead of hearing a loud noise, hear a cry for a help, hear an opportunity to be a little less selfish, to send love, to think of others before ourselves.

Imagine using it as a moment to send love.

I’m sure you wish, hope, that any siren headed in your direction to serve you, help you, was backed by prayer and love and good thoughts.

Let’s be an example of that kind and compassionate world we want to live in. Why wait for it to happen, we can make it happen.

That siren is headed to your brothers an sisters, yes. Absolutely, we are all ONE, all entangled in this called life and our thoughts matter. SO let’s send loving ones, especially in times of need.

With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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