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Every Human Body Is An Altar


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Every Human Body Is An Altar

All places are open doors.
Humility is the key that opens these doors.

There is nothing to wait for
Nothing to receive.

You are not a stranger or a Lone Ranger, but a participant.

All of this is impossible without the others.

Perfection is not possible
Though excellence is.

Beware of your story
Your story contains thorns.

If you keep it
You will lose it.
If you give it,
You will finally be able to have it.

You only own what you can let go of.

Each thing in its own time.

Enlightenment means being yourself.

To find oneself
Is to give oneself.

Beneath the skin
Is the soul.

Develop your imagination.

Do not keep useless objects.

Never speak of yourself without considering that you might and likely will change.

Always find a space that you devote to the sacred.

Make your effort inconspicuous.

Help others to help themselves.

Never praise nor insult yourself.

Live on money you have earned.

Obtain things in order to share them.

Let things happen naturally.
Surrender confidently to the present.

Some branches are warmed by the sun
Some are cooled by the shade and breeze.
They are part of the same tree.
Same roots.

We might just all be part of one giant tree.

A thing is just a thing
Your story makes it a whole other thing.

Reality is essentially a song of love.

Develop your generosity-but secretly.

Learn to receive.

If you are meditating and the devil appears, make the devil meditate too.

What I have given you
You can give to others.


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