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The 14 Elements Of Glow


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When great big change happens to us, it usually follows a moment where we truly felt how much we needed it. Tell us about how that happened to you and how it helped you finally achieve a long-desired, difficult goal.

Some people finally get off their butts and better themselves because they hit rock bottom. Others find motivation in helping another. Sometimes even greed, vanity, and other outwardly negative things can stimulate our willpower. Many moments can get us started, but few have the power to keep us going when we’re down, out, and confronted with difficult tasks.

Here are the 14 elements of Glow:

1) Eat well

2) Sleep

3) Drink Lots of Water

4) Exercise Exercise Exercise!

5) Meditate

6) Tend to your Hair, Skin, and Nails

7) Breathe Consciously

8) Laugh Often

9) Pamper yourself

10) Don’t worry

11) Don’t judge

12) Slow down

13) Pay attention

14) Be kind


What moment in your life helped you overcome a difficult hurdle and achieve what you didn’t think you could? What allowed you too glow? Stay glowing? What sustains you? Whats on your glowing list? We’d love to hear from you, please share with us in the comments with us in the comment section below


Peace and Blessings

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  1. Nikola Gjakovski

    It really is like that. Some people get motivated by virtues, and some by the deepest “black things” inside them. I think that overcoming the fear starts my glow and by being happy and doing the 14 things to sustain my glow, I am persisting.


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