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Each Of Us Has A List Of Roles In Which We Play


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Each Of Us Has A List Of Roles In Which We Play

Each of us has a list of roles which we play. They are our repertoire. Brought on and out by the familiar circumstances we have built for ourselves … 

SHAKE ALL THAT UP – put us into even slightly different circumstances and we are unable to find a role to play, and for a short time we become ourselves.

We enter these unknowns by working to increase our focus, attention, and energy.

We minimize daydreaming – 

(The fight against daydreaming

A very real fight)

and absentmindedness. Transforming human into “what we ought to be”.

This is not a specific form or institution, it comes and goes by its own set of laws.

Destroying the ‘I’ in a person: I think, I want, I know best, I prefer, I am happy, I am hungry, I am tired, etc. These have nothing in common with one another and are unaware of each other, arising and vanishing for short periods of time.

Man has no knowing of himself, nu unity, no inside understanding, wanting one thing now and another, often contradictory, thing later.

Fight automatism such as daydreaming. Fight eating for eatings sake. Fight to be aware.

  • Essence – The thing that evolves. A natural part of a person.
  • Personality – Nothing of a person and everything fake that he has “learned” and “seen”.

Not a permanent way. 

A way dependent on us, on our work, on our steps.

Our way.

Peace and Blessings 

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