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Dream Body 6-Week Course


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Dream Body 6-Week Telecourse

Dream Body 6-Week Course

If you are ready to live in a body you love,

come design it from the inside out!

In this 6-week course, you can expect:

  • To learn what foods you should and shouldn’t eat, in a comprehensive plan developed with your restrictions and accessibility in mind.
  • To learn to intervene with your own mind and actions and put yourself into the right promises
  • To gain a sense of empowerment and strength regarding your body that will impact all areas of your life
  • To learn a proven method for understanding and overcoming your negative history with food
  • To enjoy a team atmosphere on the road to achieving your dream body

This is the right course for someone who:

  • Is interested in having a healthy, beautiful mind, body and life
  • May have tried other methods of losing weight  and lasting happiness that haven’t worked
  • Wants to gain a healthy, realistic perception of self
  • Is ready to do the real work of finding out why the dissatisfaction sticks around

“I highly recommend the “6 Week Transformation” course to anyone looking for a new approach to weight loss and happiness. My amazing coach, Christine, presented group members with new and innovative tools we could all use to reverse self-defeating thoughts and behaviors and to develop personal integrity. In addition, she provided group members with ongoing support throughout the 12 week period to ensure we were each successful in our quest to lose weight. While I did in fact lose 20 pounds in three short months, the most rewarding experience of the journey was developing a new and healthy relationship with my body. Feeling comfortable in my own skin feels incredible; so thank you HG, for helping me change my body and my life!” ~ Karin L.

“I wanted to take this moment to thank you for the outstanding program I was introduced to earlier this year. I thought weight loss was simply a function of food choices, calories in, calories out, exercise, etc. My life, like others, had become a matter of convenience: fast food, pizza delivery, TV, little or no exercise and late night eating to react to the daily stresses we incur. In starting your program, I was more or less a spectator with interest in the weekly conversations. Slowly, I found myself making changes and adjustments to food choices. It eventually became more obvious the role food had been playing in supplementing or covering up issues, concerns, stresses, habits, etc. Your program has been very effective for me! I have lost 20 pounds since the start of your program. Now food is not always about comfort; it is more often a fuel source for my body and mind. It is good to feel young again, when food did not control my primary thoughts. Thank you and your staff for helping me get to that feeling again!” ~ Sean Bannister, Business Owner

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