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  Dare to be Silly

 Dare to be wrong.

 “I can deal with failure, everybody fails at something, but I can’t deal with not trying” – Micheal Jordan

Dare to take chances.

Dare to rise up and ask for something that was once considered impossible.

Dare to be Stand Out.

Dare to tear down walls, brick by brick.

Dare to place yourself.

Dare to Fall.

Dare to Trust.

Dare to Forgive.

Dare to be anything but ordinary.

Dare to Shine.

Dare to Inspire.

Dare to BE.

Dare to Allow.

Dare to Breathe.

Dare to Live.

Dare to Try.

Dare to Love.

Dare to know that with each breath, each step, you make a shift in the universe, in the global conscious.

Dare to make it count.

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