Mindfulness & Spirituality - Contrary To Popular Belief, It’s Okay To Be Perfect.

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Contrary To Popular Belief, It’s Okay To Be Perfect.


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Contrary To Popular Belief, It's Okay To Want To Be Perfect.

This whole concept that nothing is perfect, or that one shouldn’t aim for perfection is, in my eyes, wrong. Now, this is simply my take on things, but…

Everyday, I look out at an elegant universe with an unbelievable amount of balance to keep things in tow. Even as we make decisions to hurt our world, it does it’s best to find balance, to support itself. If the sun goes off even by an inch, we burn or we freeze. If trees decide to stop turning poison into oxygen we die. If my body decides to not do the millions of functions it has to handle on a second by second basis I die. That to me is perfection.
Yes, bad things happen to good people. Yes, even now, as you read this, there are horrors and betrayals and wrong doings, and things that just aren’t fair. Yes, but even so, with that, there is perfection because there is nothing else, no other place to be in this moment. if we spend our entire lives imagining something else rather than this, we never see this, we never know this, this as perfect, because this is what it is, this is what is happening. Perfect is a choice to accept the chaos, see it, move forward and respond to it accordingly, in the only way you perfectly can. To help in your perfect way. Or, to sit back and ignore, do nothing, in your perfect way. To respond as only you can. And what will be after this, perfect, tomorrow, perfect, during lunch, perfect, when we fuck up, perfect, when we lie, steal, cheat, perfect. ONLY, if we are aware of this perfection, only if we don’t tell a story “that perfection doesn’t include this & this, perfection is only this & this.” You don’t know perfect, because you are imagining it, rather than knowing it, allowing it, seeing it.
Everything is naturally perfect. That is how we get to have these realizations, that is how we get to wake up. That is how we can simultaneously know the chaos and the order, that people suffer and people love, people cry and people laugh, all at once, while being okay with the not knowing of it all, while understanding that nothing is guaranteed and change is a constant and death is coming, no matter what, it is all coming, and your life is slowly, in it’s own time, removing the impediments to delusion and allowing more and more realizations that what is, is perfect, and you are a part of that perfection.
Perfect. Now that we know, now what?
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