Mindfulness & Spirituality - Consciousness Becomes Everything It “Touches.”

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Consciousness Becomes Everything It “Touches.”


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Consciousness Becomes Everything It “Touches.”

Like, when you rear-end the car in front of you and you were surprised, because you thought you were the cellphone. Seems foolish, but, that’s how it goes. What we touch, what we place in our path, is what we become.

So, what should we be putting in front of us? What should our foremost consciousness touch, adopt, and become? I see that is a pretty simple formula for becoming the thing we wanna be. If you want love put love in front of you, put yourself in love. If you want time this, put kindness in front of you. Does it feel like the world is crumbling and ending and full of destruction and bad people? Well, every article we’re reading and everything being put in front of us, is telling us that exact story.

On an individual basis we need to begin to change what our consciousness knows as reality, we need to actively seek to put higher vibrational stories and actions in front of us so that the thing we are touching isn’t the destruction and loss of hope, but beauty and power of love, compassion, kindness, and resilience.

That’s not just nice words. This thing I speak of, it takes a lot of work. More work than just complaining about shit. What I’m saying requires actively seeking and promoting the good. You up to the task!? 


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