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Christopher Rivas and LD Featured In Origin Magazine


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Origin Magazine issue 21 Annie Lenox and Quest love

Christopher Rivas and LD Featured In Origin Magazine

Origin Magazine – More than a Magazine: We’re a movement.

And LD and I – Christopher Rivas have been featured in the 21st issue of this movement. ON STANDS NOW.

It’s quite exciting and I want to thank all of you for supporting us this year, for reading and sharing and practicing. LD and origin share a common goal – raining the vibration for good on this planet; and I look forward to us working together in the future.

Origin Magazine christopher rivas issue 21 Annie Lenox and Quest love


We are one Platform for: Art, Culture, Conscious Lifestyle, Yoga, Humanitarianism, and Sustainability. We are creating a cohesive and connected national Art+Conscious Community. We support an Art Community and Conscious Collective that Collaborates + Creates, building bridges instead of walls. We are a channel for transformation, awareness, connection, vision, intention and creation.

You can find ORIGIN magazine at Whole Foods nationwide, Arthouses, Yoga Studios and a variety of other newsstands. Each issue we expand to more national retailers and our distribution grows exponentially.

We like it real around here. It’s time to shine, not shrink. 

It’s time we connect and shift this planet for good. 

The potential and possibilities are endless.

Let’s build some bridges.Let’s go deep. Let’s be honest.

Let’s find our voice and create big things together.


Peace and Blessings

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