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Always Fighting My Need For Perfection

Always Fighting My Need For Perfection

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 Always Fighting My Need For Perfection “God is in the details” – Mies van der Rohe I’ve always been fighting my need for perfection, always believed I needed to be more than what I am. It was a lack of trust in myself that I was enough. So I worked in extremes, A to Z, and lost the middle. But it’s the little things, the details,  the shades in between; it’s here in the middle where everything lies. The place where our TRUE selves can shine. One of the greatest, most confusing (at the time) acting notes I ever received was, “Be more ugly”. And so I gave it another …

Lifestyle Dezine

LifeStyle Dezine

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LifeStyle Dezine is a movement. A freedom, to just BE. It’s a way to tap into that global shift of consciousness. It’s necessary and vital. It’s yours, it’s mine, it’s everyone’s, and it’s no ones. It’s a philosophy. It’s going back to 1, to the basics. It’s the little things. It’s our dreams and nightmares. It’s shutting off our minds and rediscovering our guts. It’s a contradiction. It’s an understanding. It’s the rules of nature and the universe. It’s an apology, forgiveness, and acceptance. It’s reaching for the stars and keeping your feet on the ground. It’s turning money into love. It’s believing in abundance. It’s I love you, not …