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Burn The Concept Of Money


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Burn The Concept Of Money

Burn Our ideas of money.

How much its worth.

It’s importance.

How it defines you.

Why you need it.

Just burn it away, the whole concept of it, the idea, the word, let it vanish, start living for another reason.

It’s not why you are here.

It’s not the end all be all.

Its paper.

You are worth more than any amount of paper a bank account or a pocket can hold.

You are precious.

Its not the creator of happiness.

Worry, lack, limitation is not you.

Turn the word into Love.

Work for Love. Live for Love. Be Love.

Let it burn, all of it, all the limiting thoughts and words. Burn them away until you start to glow, until you become excellence, the ideal of existence, until you are free and living.

It’s scary to the limiting life we’ve lived what we are capable of, what is our right.

Burn it all away so there is more room for you to BE. We’ve been living in small confines of ideas, judgements and labels, when we burn all this away, all that is holding us back from our highest potential, we can start to live without static, without worry, and we begin to flourish.


Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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