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Breathing In Uncertain Times


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Breathing In Uncertain Times

How do we practice compassion in a country—and a world—where the roots of racism and oppression run deep. How do we cultivate healing, develop trust, establish community, when racism might simply be a disease of the heart.

How do we work with our thoughts and our beliefs in ways that nurture the dignity of all life? How do we ensure justice without fostering generations of harm and hate, internally and externally? How do we comfort our own raging hearts in a sea of racial ignorance, ill will, and violence, and how can our actions reflect the world we want to live in and leave to future generations?

We are drowning in I’m sorry’s. Which I’m sorry will be the tipping point? Which, please forgive me will be the straw that breaks the back of a nation?

How do we access our breath in these most uncertain times? How do we create sculpture, art, safe space, public space out of the rubble? What is needed of us? What is needed of me in order to foster and reveal more compassion in the world?

These are simply questions, because sometimes we so desperately want answers, but we never ask the right questions.

What questions do you have? How do you find and give breath and release tension in these most uncertain of times? Please share your comments with us in the comment section below. 

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