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Diet Essentials (For Me):

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” – Michael Pollan In Defense of Food

Enzymes: What you eat matters, the essential nutrients that your body actually receives, breaksdown, and digests are even more important. Enzymes are naturally occurring in all food, they are the bridge for nutrients from food to body. When we cook food we kill some of the naturally occurring enzymes, taking supplements with every meal will aid in digestion and absorption.

I avoid Gluten whenever possible (unless it’s Pecan Pie): Vegetables, beans, legumes, fruit, animal and fish protein have been around for  millions of years. Grains for process and consumption, Less than 10,000. We were not designed to digest gluten.

*At least TWO LARGE GLASSES OF WATER (room temperature) before I eat anything. Before I go to bed. When I wake up in the morning. ALWAYS drinking water. Often times people mistake hunger for thirst.

I walk after every meal. Try and take at least 100 steps. We live such a sedentary lifestyle that we and the body forgets that food was put on this earth to be our primary source of energy before anything else.

I eat as many RAW GREENS as I can, and then I look for other things.

I eat a lot of HEALTHY FATS: * = Great for cooking

Avocado, Raw Almond Butter (or any Raw Nut Butter, except peanut), Nuts (Not peanuts) Olive oil (Not for cooking, Kills the nutrients), *Coconut Oil*, *Macadamia oil*, *Ghee*, *Grass fed Butter*. Before fat was scary, before grains (Sugar, carbohydrates) became the worlds primary source of energy, Fat was our energy, and essential for over 50 other functions in our body.

Supplements: Fish Oil (Omega 3’s or a Complete Omega), Cod liver Oil, Vitamin D (In the morning and before bed. I take the fish oil with every meal and before bed.

I try (easier said than done) to only eat Grass fed meats, and wild fish.  I avoid all thing processed, and all fish that is farm raised.

Coconut Water – keeps me hydrated! A great source of magnesium. There is nothing worse then feeling dehydrated, most people are and don’t know it. With all the caffeine and high levels of sodium around every corner it’s hard to keep water in the body. A Hydrated body speeds up your metabolism, aids in digestion, cleans an your skin, your cells, allows you to keep going. The earth is 90% water, the human body is 90% water, coincidence? I think not.

A Cup of Black coffee w/ cinnamon: I personally love the taste of Cinnamon and it has a ton of health benefits and when combined with coffee it increases the potency of the caffeine. I love my morning cup, right before my morning workout – it’s a trick to raise metabolism, and metabolic rate while you workout.

What are your essentials?

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