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There is a Buddhist phrase that says, “The truth is what is useful.”

I work with a lot of people who come in with a lot of baggage about family and parents and mom and dad, my job is too heighten their perspective.

As in you can blame your parents for your birth, you can make them any means, you can blame them for a ton of things, or you can say, “I was something before birth, and I chose my parents because I needed them at the school. The limitations they gave me are what made me, and I am what I am thanks to them. They are marvelous fruits from twisted trees”

Father issues: fathers have a sensual value, even if they are monsters, they give us life, they leave their imprint on certain parts of our being, and they allow us to become who we are in a conscious way.

Blame elegantly is about dissolving oneself to improve oneself.

I can not thank another until I am satisfied with this position. With this place.

We can live many lives in this one life, in this same person, in this same brain, in this same body. Surrender exist and so does evolution. Forgive. Forgive yourself. Dissolve. Evolve. Move forward.

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