Mindfulness & Spirituality - Being An Artist Is Hard, Being Mindful Can Help

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Being An Artist Is Hard, Being Mindful Can Help


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Being An Artist Is Hard, Being Mindful Can Help

Mindfulness can help for those in-between moments when it matters most.

Art. Meditation. They’re a good fit, since awareness of your body, speech, and mind, and of the surrounding space, is a key element in art making. Indeed, contemplative art groups have existed for a long time. Many theater and dance exercises—such as body scans and spatial awareness drills—are meditative to a great degree, and many acting teachers believe the craft demands a process of self-discovery.

When I first discovered mindfulness through meditation, I had an instinctual feeling, that meditation and are feed each other—that meditation can enhance acting, creating, writing, dancing, and any artistic pursuit for that matter.

Since that day, mindfulness has leaked into my art, and more importantly into my life. I found myself becoming much freer, more spontaneous, more joyful. Now, that I am blessed enough to do this work with actors and performers of all kinds, I’ve observed others transforming over the course of simply a week. As artist we must fully take in the space, listen to it, absorb the moment, and get out of our heads. That is insight, and inspiration, and creativity; which is very liberating and invigorating.

With my coaching work I have a strong emphasis on bringing meditation to the craft of acting and art and writing through enhancing spontaneity, self-awareness, emotional authenticity, sensory awareness, and listening.

I work in half-day and daylong sessions, weekend intensives, weeklong retreats, and ongoing weekly classes. Sign up here and learn more here.

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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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