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Begin By Taking Very Small Steps


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Begin By Taking Very Small Steps

Begin By Taking Very Small Steps

“What can and cannot be done?” This is how we begin.

People spend forever wondering how and never simply walking and trying.

Never mind whether a particular solution will work or not – just ask – “What has to be different than it is for this to stop?”

Patience + Diligence = Personal Internal Change = Global External Change

All change in nature is incremental. All transformation is gradual.

Just as every person is capable of freedom, regardless of their current state of toxicity.

I would, like to think the world is to is capable of purification, despite every challenge, if only the right formula is applied.

Begin by taking very small steps.

  1. Ask, very specifically, “In what way are people suffering?”
  2. See too what extent specific causes can be identified for each of the instances of suffering. (particular cause or set of causes)
  3. What solutions might present themselves for each?
  4. What has to change in order for this particular cause of this particular symptom of suffering to cease?

Take your time. Change is possible. Change is happening. Continue to get specific and take very small steps.

Ask, “What stone pillar can remain serving the world?”

If you need a bridge, I will be the bridge.

With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

Peace and Blessings 

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