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Before You Do Anything, Get Grounded


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get grounded

Grounded. Like with electrical energy, like with wiring, we’re a running current and so many things are happening at once it’s easy to forget our center. To get grounded is too find or center.

To get grounded means to tap into the now. What is happening right here, right now? To remember your breath and your body, and what do you hear? Little things that can all happen in a minute. Take a moment to center yourself. Acknowledge where you are and where you’re heading.

How do we retain a calm center when all the structures we have centered our lives around appear to be falling away? Jobs and careers are disappearing as whole industries collapse; banks have and will continue to fail; fortunes and nest eggs have fallen; many people have lost or will lose their most valuable asset—their homes. In many areas of the country, new houses stand empty and shopping districts look like ghost towns. People who can keep their homes do, they are not moving to new homes nor traveling much; new car sales are at an all time low. Folks are holding on to what they have.

You may feel personally challenged on multiple fronts: finances, future decisions, work, housing/home, food and water, resources and community. You may feel ungrounded. If you feel weakened or fearful because of your life challenges, it may be that some of your life force energy is grounded through your home or your job, or money or relationship. When those temporary situations change or fall apart, you feel knocked off center and un-grounded.

Grounding yourself is a way to build a relationship with what is. Grounding means to make a conscious connection between your self and the source of your life force energy. Your job, relationship and home are not your true source of life force energy. Your spirit does not need to be grounded; rather grounding provides spirit with a GPS fix on your body.

To Practice: Find 7-10 minutes per day (or twice per day). Breathe freely and deeply for 2-4 minutes to shift your internal state of being and rest your attention. Breathing in and out, become aware of the bowl of your pelvis. Imagine a golden beam of light (or a root) dropping out of this energy at the base of your spine, into the Earth. Allow gravity to pull your energy cord deep into the Earth. Plug in. Say hello.

To Notice: How do you feel? Can you see the Earth’s center without “going there?” As you rest attention (focus) your awareness begins to expand. Notice how you feel as you sense your self and the Earth center from inside your self.

What’s Happening: You are getting grounded! Your personal space and time are aligning to Earth present time.

What else? Your grounding cord is alive because it comes from you. Breathe life and consciousness into your grounding cord. You are in direct alignment with abundance, or life force energy. Like a living root, grounding pulls the vital nutrient of abundance into your first chakra for your body.

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