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There is nothing without it.

Many words carry power but the one that encompasses all, and the one that is most important, is BALANCE.   I find it difficult to come up with another single word that is more crucial to the achievement of a healthy life other than balance.  Just think of it…..physically, visually, aurally and even orally. 

Everything has a right to live.  Everything wants to exist and we have to respect that.  The weaker side in any relationship naturally demands things, because of the need for mutual balance.  War, sickness, unhappiness is imbalance.  You can get sick from either over-eating or under-nourishment. Peace, health, happiness, is balance.

This thing called balance, that which we often take for granted, is crucial to the enjoyment of our everyday life.  In vision, in sound, in touch, taste, art, music, sports, drama, architecture, food, landscaping, on land, sea and air, in short, in LIFE, it is absolutely crucial to a pleasant fulfilling experience!  Think about your own life.  Think about those things that jar you, annoy you, make you uncomfortable, and I’ll venture to say that you will find an imbalance at the root of your discomfort.  Some of these disturbances can be of short duration, or they can be chronic problems.  In our “make-believe theatre” they are man-made and short-lived.  In life they are also man-made but they can have long-lasting dire consequences. 

* Do not assume that balance is synonymous with equal or symmetrical.  On the contrary, balance is often complex and un-equal.  A perfect example is to look at one of life’s exquisite wonders…..A Tree.  By its nature, a tree, no matter how you look at it, is always in balance.  Even after a lightning bolt may sever a major limb, in time it will alter its growth and form, and re-achieve a balance.  Isn’t that amazing?  Would that we could do that with our own lives. 

But man is not as simple and deep-rooted as a tree. 

During its gnarled, twisted and disfigured transformation, the tree can be exquisitely beautiful.  It is nothing short of majestic in its slow, but positive ascent to a restored, balanced life.  Nature, in its purest form is lovely and glorious and wonderful.

 This is not meant to be a world-paper on balance.  It is only my own, simple explanation to make you aware of its identification and importance in life.

  Life, by its very nature, strives to be in balance.  Problems become evident when it isn’t.  When any one part becomes burdensome, we fall over.  It’s as simple as that!

 Think of your own life once again.  Its excesses become destructive and the more the excess, the deeper the pit into which we fall.  The descent is a seemingly endless spiral from which some of us desperately try to recover.  If the struggle is successful, we continue on the path of life.  If it isn’t, we are doomed to misery.

From time to time we are apt to forget the words to the song of life.  But that doesn’t mean it’s over.  We can always hum, for a while, at least, but not forever.  I might point out that life’s music, also by its very nature, is almost always in balance.  And it doesn’t matter whether the song is sad or lively.  If it’s harmonious, and within a reasonable framework, chances are it’s in balance.  If it is discordant, then it can be the forerunner of an unhappy life.  The challenge is to learn to sing the song of life and stay in tune with it. 

Nothing exists by itself.  Balance requires communication. It’s the same thing as dancing.  One partner usually leads, and the other follows.  Both have the right to exist; the leading depends on the following and the following depends on the leading and both recognize that.  The communication, is the transfer of energy taking place between the two.  The purpose is not superiority or inferiority of one or the other individual, but the flow between them.

Only in understanding and embracing this dance, can we understand each other.  For me, the meaning of Balance is:

The power & respect for everything’s nature.

Peace and Blessings

Christopher Rivas

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