Mindfulness & Spirituality - Attachment is NON negotiable need.

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Attachment is NON negotiable need.


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Attachment is NON negotiable need.

Attachment, we all need it.  From birth, from our very first moments. Being that we humans are the most helpless creatures in the universe, without some sort of help and attachment we die. We die in the wild, we die in the city, we simply die without attachment.

Following attachment. The next essential need is Authenticity.

We must be authentic, we must receive this non negotiable attachment from an authentic place. Not a, “I need attachment from whoever will give it, so let me bend and shape and costume myself so they will love me,” place.

Authentically we must receive attachment. Not change for it. Authentically we say, “this is who I am, this is what I am, this is me, flaws and all.”

It is essential that we honor our need for attachment and nourish it by being authentic.


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