Mindfulness & Spirituality - Are we are living from and in the past?

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Are we are living from and in the past?


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Are we are living from and in the past?

“It’s impossible to live present as long as you are in the past and you are always in the past if you need to be safe and keep yourself safe.” – Dr. Gabor Mate

If you are trapped in the old stories that keep you safe. The ones form the past, the ones you didn’t even know built this box around you, built these safety colored glasses with which you see the world. The ones that alter every interaction you have.

These stories actually keep us in the past. These stories made from micro and macro traumas of all kinds. We must identify these stories in order to release them.

Because, as of now, we aren’t responding to what happens, we are responding to our perception of what happens, our interpretation of what happened.

Dare I say, we aren’t responding to the present, we are responding to the past.

What does it look like to live and respond in the present?


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One Response to “Are we are living from and in the past?”

  1. Dara

    Love, love this! I now internally shout at myself while recalling something unpleasant from the past, and I start going over details of the occurrence and it doesn’t feel good. When I do recall something horrible from the past, and not relive the bad feelings, it really makes me happy; I take it to mean I’m over feeling bad about the past.

    What to do about our memories when you have a brain that remembers details of too many things from the past? ‍♀️

    I’m working on focusing most of my energy on the future and letting go of the past. Day by day, it’s definitely my work. ✨


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