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All The World Is Made Of Stories


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All The World Is Made Of Stories

All The World Is Made Of Stories.

It’s all about the stories that our culture tells about itself and our relationship with it; where we fit in.

Change, fundamental change, the things we know need changing; is a narrative crisis, because those concepts, stories, have shaped our world.

What we actually find there, when we look into our own truth may not be what we expect.

We spend a lot of time pretending we are the kind of person people mistake us for.
We let other people shape, design, and tightly hold a mask to our face… We forget who we are.

Know this – In any moment of “Woe is me” … Someone, somewhere is jealous of you.
Would love to be in your shoes.

Tibetan buddhism teaches us we find antidotes to our most painful situations by leaning into them. Actually experiencing them, as opposed to running from them.

Compassion means suffering together.

All being who live suffer…. This is unquestionable. 

Truth is freedom. Truth is acceptance of what is and what was and what will be. Truth is an agreement with all who live and suffer. Truth is the invitation to compassion. Owing our truth, boasting in our truth.

We, as storytellers, are conduits of compassion, truth is our tool to alchemy, the ability to turn nothing into something, turn the anguish into a work of art.

Our story is truth, an example that none is one who doesn’t suffer. The truth that none of us haven’t lived.

And we as storytellers do this together.

  1. With meditation comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

    Peace and Blessings 

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