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Throw Your Shit Out


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All our suffering can be seen in the fact that there are 35 story high storage units which take up 4 city blocks.

This is not an exaggeration.

These buildings that store all the things we don’t want, the things we don’t want around. But we also don’t want to get rid of them; and if we asked what was in them, 80% of people would have no idea.

We pay someone to hold these things we must continue to hang onto and not use.

What else are we hanging onto and don’t want to let go of? And with what currency are we paying for it? Why are we lying to ourselves that we need these things?

We don’t. Maybe there is the occasional thing, that must be held onto for the occasional reason, but mainly, why are we so afraid to let go? To dispose? To move on? To start fresh?

Buildings that can house humans and we have junk in there, we have stuff, we have things we don’t even need.

Space that can be a park and some trees, public space, but rather it’s a 24 hour supervised low rent storage unit with air conditioning and lighting.

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