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We All Aspire To Have Peace And Happiness


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All Of Us Aspire To Have Peace And Happiness

This is why 84,000 collections of all Buddhist scriptures, were written to teach people how to pacify the mind.

The essence of religion is happiness. That’s it. We all just want to be happy.

This is why oneness is so important right now, because of all this difference in the world. All of the lies that we are different, different people, with different struggles, different names, different expressions… It’s wrong. We are one, who are all suffering and all dying, some faster than others, some more peaceful than others. Compassion is vital to the sick world we live in. Oneness is the door to compassion.

Anything we think we belong to, we should remove ourselves immediately. We must dissolve, we have to become empty in order to really see that we are not different from god and christ and buddha and jesus and muhammed, we are not different.

We all have the same goal – invite happiness, freedom, great love and compassion.

It’s why every scripture was written. For love.

Every religion is simply a map to realize the truth – this truth is the universe itself. That there is no distinction between me and others.

I pray, here and now that you become truth. That you wake up for the benefit of all beings. And I am so grateful for what has brought us together on this amazing day.

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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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